SnowBoogie Fantom X

SnowBoogie Fantom X

Whooshing down a snow-covered hill is one of the most fun ways to spend a winter day, but wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could actually control where you’re going? The SnowBoogie Fantom X solves that tiny little problem by adding handlebars to the traditional sledge.

The fine sport of sledging has been around for decades but the mechanics behind the pastime haven’t really caught up with the times. We can put a man on the moon but we still have to dig our hands in the snow to keep from ramming into a tree? Seriously? The 21st Century has finally arrived for the sledge, and it’s brought the power of steering with it.

The lightweight frame is mounted on two pivoting ski’s that can be easily directed with the tiny handlebars that are placed in such a way that you can either ride down the hill in a sitting position or head-first and still have no problem operating the high-tech guidance system. Okay, something that’s basically a metal rod isn’t really fancy but doesn’t the term ‘high-tech guidance system’ add just a little bit of dramatic flair?

SnowBoogie Fantom X:

  • Super-fast modern sled
  • Pivoting skis allow you to turn and avoid obstacles
  • Ride Sitting up with 1 or 2 people or head first
  • Light-weight nylon mesh seat for comfort
  • Handlebar-style grip for comfort and control
  • Measures approx. 122cm x 51cm x 15cm

Add some control to your sledging fun and show gravity who the boss is with the SnowBoogie Fantom X for £99.95 ($154) from Red5.

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