Simon Flash Game

Simon Flash Game

Desperately looking for something that can tear away your kid from his or her handheld video gaming console? It can get annoying sometimes, if they refuse to let go of it during mealtimes, so I believe it’s best to practice moderation with your kids if you’ve given them a PSP or Game Boy or a Nintendo DS. But something that can definitely give those handheld consoles is the Simon Flash Game.

The Simon Flash Game is actually a set of colored cubes with four pre-programmed games: Simon Lights Off, Simon Shuffle, Simon Secret Color, and Simon Classic. They’re colorful and they light up, so no problem with trying to grab your child’s attention with these game cubes.

And for more fun with cubes, there’s the Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes as well.

Simon Flash Game

  • Features lights, sounds, and changing colors.
  • The high-tech Simon Flash Game will test your memory and logic skills to the max.
  • Challenge your friends or tune up your skills on your own!

Can you conquer the colors? It’s four Simon games in one! This high-tech Simon Flash Game will test your memory and logic skills to the max! The yellow game is Simon Lights Off: Can you quickly line up the cubes in just the right order to turn off all the lights? The red game is Simon Shuffle: When the cube colors scramble, can you line them up in their original order? The blue game is Simon Secret Color: There’s only one order that will show the same color on all four cubes. How fast can you unlock the code? The green game is Simon Classic: Stop shuffling. Start pressing! Can you remember and repeat a longer and longer sequence of colors?

The Simon Flash Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

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