Scarlet Witch ‘WiTcHeS bE CraZy’ T-Shirt

Scarlet Witch WiTcHeS bE CraZy T-Shirt

The Scarlet Witch ‘WiTcHeS bE CraZy’ T-Shirt tells you everything you need to know about the mystical, magical member of the Avengers.

Wanda Maximoff is strong with the abracadabra stuff but her grip on sanity doesn’t have the same kind of strength. She created the House of M, depowered most of the mutants on Earth, and inverted the heroes and villains who happened to be in the vicinity when she tried to cast a spell to battle Red Skull.

Created by artist Tim Shumate, Scarlet Witch stares into the cosmos, with a circle of power surrounding her profile.

The Scarlet Witch ‘WiTcHeS bE CraZy’ T-Shirt is available for $22 at Society 6.

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