Popcorn on the Cob

Popcorn on the Cob

We’ve all had corn on the cob, but have you ever heard of Popcorn on the Cob? With this clever product, the popcorn kernels are still on the cob. You simply put butter and salt on top to taste and then stick it in a bag to microwave to pop.

I’m not sure if it will taste better than regular microwave popcorn, but it would be fun and interesting to try. Plus, it could potentially be healthier, since it’s simple and natural and you wouldn’t be adding any artificial flavorings or colors. There are many articles out there warning of health dangers from microwave popcorn (mostly related to the nonstick lining on inside of the bag and to the flavoring agent diacetyl), so this could be a safer alternative for people that consume popcorn regularly.

Hypothesis: Popcorn kernels learn popcorn protocol from the cob. It is, after all, connected to the stalk, and therefore the roots, surely—surely!—have a direct line to the ancient maize wisdom of the seeds. Ergo: Kernels that have spent the most time on the cob being taught the traditions of their Central American ancestors will pop and taste the best. Conclusion: These kernels don’t leave the cob until they’re popped, making them the most well-behaved and deliciously corny-tasting popcorn kernels in existence. Butter or salt the cob, place it in one of the included paper bags, fold it closed, place in the microwave, and pop like any other popcorn. 10 cobs included. Grown in Indiana.

Purchase Popcorn on the Cob from Uncommon Goods. It costs $17 for a package of 10 cobs.

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