Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure

Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure

Anne Hathaway will no doubt be embedded in the hearts and minds of Catwoman fans after watching The Dark Knight Rises, but Batman’s Rogue Gallery includes another sexy, dangerous woman. The Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure highlights the fiery-haired woman with the kiss to die for (literally).

What is it about Batman that attracts those women that walk the razor’s edge between sexy and lethal? Is it the car? The pointy-eared mask? Whatever it is, I’m sure I don’t want it because his ‘girlfriends’ could kick my butt without even trying. Fortunately, Ivy’s shapely curves can be admired in a much safer way, thanks to this sexy (and non-lethal) figure that perfectly captures the character’s spirit. Is that come-hither look worth the fate that befalls anyone that locks lips with her?

Batman Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure

Standing 21-inches tall, each hand-painted, individually finished figure displays the DC Comics flowery femme fatale standing with her latest batch of carnivorous plants.

Leave the real deal to rich playboys with expensive toys and caves under their mansions, and play it safe with the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure instead. She’s available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for $349.99 (or as little as $70.00/mo).

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