Pickle Rick Stein Glass

Pickle Rick Stein Glass

Sometimes it’s fun to drink from a flask, as Rick Sanchez often does, but the rest of the time you can drink from the Pickle Rick Stein Glass. It is the perfect drinkware for Rick and Morty fans, no matter what you’re drinking, be it beer, water, soda, pickle juice, or Schezwan sauce.

Made by Paladone, the Pickle Rick Stein Glass is an officially licensed Adult Swim Rick and Morty product. It is made of glass.

Pickle Rick! In a glass! Enjoy a drink with your favorite pickle shaped hero Pickle Rick. Inspired by the pickle incarnation of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, this Pickle Rick Shaped Stein is the perfect way to enjoy a drink when you really should be at family counseling.

Grandpa Rick has been turned into Pickle Rick… and then a Stein, in that order. It might be a little too meta for some of you. And dangerous for him, after what happened last time he was a pickle.

Luckily for him, he’s made of glass with a handle this time around, so no nearly dehydrating to death or falling down a storm drain. And he’s fab at holding lots of beer.

Now you’ll need to go back to family therapy so Dr. Wong can ask you why your Grandpa turned himself into a stein. It’s worth it though, this thing is sick.

This Pickle Rick Stein Glass is available for $14.99 / £11.99 at Firebox. You can also find it at Merchoid.

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