Pet Tornado

Pet Tornado

You probably had a pet rock back when you were still a kid, and your mom told you “no” when you asked for a puppy. If you find yourself in the same situation but want to give your child some sort of consolation that isn’t just some rock, then get the Pet Tornado.

The Pet Tornado is actually a cylinder with some “clouds” inside. Give it a good, old twist and a long, hard shake and watch a tiny little tornado form within seconds.

Pet Tornado

Nature’s most destructive force can be observed and enjoyed. Shake the Pet Tornado clockwise and watch the funnel form. F1-F5 tornado information included.

A simple twist of the wrist produces a realistic, tiny tornado from the white foam clouds. Hold it to the light and watch the iridescent currents swirl. Tornado facts printed on the back.

The Pet Tornado is available from Amazon from $4.20.

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