Pencil Shaped Pen

Pencil Shaped Pen

Want a quick and easy way to mess with people’s minds? The Pencil Shaped Pen will have everyone doing a double-take when they ask to borrow a pen and you plop what appears to be a pencil in their hands.

It’s made of wood and even has an eraser but you’ll know for sure that this is a pen when you start writing with it… because pencils don’t have ink, ya know. Since this is really a pen in disguise, the eraser doesn’t really do much, aside from acting as the button that retracts the pen’s tip. Still, it really is a working eraser so if you make a mistake with a real pencil that happens to not have an eraser, then this little baby has you covered.

While we all remember that annoying yellow color that most pencils have, this unique pen is offered up in a variety of hues that include pink, red, blue, green and yellow. You don’t get to select the color when you order so you’ll be waiting on pins and needles as you anxiously wait for your package to arrive, losing sleep from the sheer excitement of wondering what color it’s going to be. What? You mean I’m the only one that does that?

You can get the Pencil Shaped Pen for 3,49€ | $4.68 | £2.97 from Curiosite.

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