PC Dice

PC Dice

Having trouble with your computer? Here’s a chance to use the same kind of sophisticated diagnostic tools that you will find at the other end of the phone when calling the support – at least that’s what it sometimes feels like.

PC Dice™ is a new novelty product that has techs realizing that with using PC Dice™ they actually stand a chance at resolving problems. These simple yet entertaining dice offer possible solutions to your everyday problems.

Each set ordered consist of “3” Die in the following colors all from the Scarab™ line: Jade w/White Lettering, Scarlet w/White Lettering, Royal Blue w/White Lettering.

The green die has the words Virus, Spyware, Modem, Video, Network and Reboot. The blue die comes with Install, New PC, Upgrade, No Idea, Quit and $$, and the red die features Windows, Unix, Linux, Wireless, Wired and Mix.

Here’s a silly video demonstration:

The PC Dice is available for $27 over at PCDice.com.



  1. Just ordered a dozen for my IT staff. Figure they guess anyway on problems might as well help them..I”m kidding they are very professional….But, they are still getting them.


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