Opel Batmobile

Opel Batmobile

According to the description for this eBay auction, a doctor in California took a 1973 GT Opel and converted it into a Batmobile to bring to the hospital for kids.

When his batmobile made the local newspaper, SONY decided to take the car one step further and outfit it with enough top of the line electronics to make the space shuttle look like a toy.

Here are the specs:

  • SONY Digital Navigation System #NVX-F160
  • SONY Pre-Amp XDP-U50D
  • SONY Magic Link System with pager. This is the original vehicle PDA system before there were PDAs. Google Sony Magic Link System to get an idea. I do not know how to use it but it is there. I think you send emails, messaging, etc.
  • SONY Magic Link SkyTel Card
  • SONY 10 Disk CD Changer CDX-U404
  • SONY Hi-8 VCR
  • Pioneer CD player DEH-85 in the dash….comes with the batman theme on cd!
  • Alpine Bat Phone #91530
  • Pro Series Boston Acoustic Kicker Box #6-2 with bat decals inside clear plexiglass
  • Rockford Fossgate Puch 45 Amp
  • Super Nintendo NES Game system with Batman Forever game…….yes, a game system that plays batman!
  • SONY Interface Equalizer #XE-744
  • Alpine 80-80 Remote Commander RMX 38 (something to do with the alarm I think)
  • Alpine Alarm 8401 with paging system, unlocks and opens doors, windows…It will take you a full day just to learn the alarm system.

Opel Batmobile

Visit eBay for more Opel Batmobile photos and info (the bidding ended at $9,000).

(Jalopnik via Gizmodo)


  1. What a great Idea!
    My Grandson just returned home after two brain surgeries. He would have loved seeing that car, not to mention my husband 😀

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