NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS

NERF Armour Case

The first handheld video gaming console I ever owned was a Nintendo Game Boy. It was also the last one that my mother proclaimed that she would ever get for me, because it was full of scratches and chips a mere few weeks after I got it. What can I say? I was a pretty clumsy kid then and it probably would have helped loads had I invested in some sort of case for my console.

I’ve got my sights set on the Nintendo 3DS and while I have no plans to ask for it from my mother (because now I can afford to buy my own things, thank you very much), I still remember the poor final state my Game Boy was in before I had it recycled. So no nicks and dents and scratches on my Nintendo 3DS, because I’m encasing it in the NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS.

The NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS is available in three signature and lively colors: green, yellow, and blue, with black contrasts that keeps it looking sharp.

NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS

NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS

Decked in NERF’s signature bright colors and industrial looks, this hard-wearing polyurethane case will protect your 3DS from countless bumps, scrapes, knocks and drops. Perfect for youngsters and the odd butter-fingered adult.

Designed specifically for the 3DS, the vibrant case hugs your miniature console tightly, but still allows you access to all of the ports and controls. Soft and forgiving in the hand, it’s also extremely comfy when that quick game of Zelda stretches into hours. Or if you’re killing time hiding in the stationery cupboard until the finance team have all gone home.

The NERF Armour Case for Nintendo 3DS is available for pre-order from Firebox for £14.99 ($24.)

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