MyTrak Smart Coach-Sport Edition

MyTrak Smart Coach-Sport Edition

It’s no secret that geeks tend to have a better relationship with their electronics than with people. Kinda sad, but true. Instead of hiring a personal trainer to get us in shape, the MyTrak Sport Coach-Sport Edition might be an intriguing option.

MyTrak Smart Coach-Sport Edition

  • Monitors heart rate during any planned exercise in real-time
  • Tracks every activity done all day and every day
  • Monitors caloric balance
  • Get instant real-time feedback any time during the day
  • Health circle reports how much activity remains to be done to reach daily goals
  • See how the overall body is doing
  • See how the heart activity is improving
  • Wear MYTRAK® on the hip or in a pocket
  • Measures body’s 3D motion
  • Measures the intensity of every movement
  • Measures the duration of every activity
  • Adaptive intelligence challenges the user to succeed and eases off when needed
  • Belt clip and USB cable included

MyTrak Smart Coach

The MyTrak’s look is somewhat reminiscent of first gen iPods, but instead of allowing for access to music on-the-go, it’s a heart rate monitor, pedometer and 3D movement-ometer wrapped into one. It’s pretty incredible in terms of the amount of feedback you get from such a little device. With use of a computer, you’ll even get automated message updates on your progress twice a week to keep you on your toes.

By setting your personal daily goals beforehand, you can just glance down at the color-changing circle on the face of the device to gauge (in real time) whether you’re making your quota of physical activity. Green means you’re doing great, yellow means meh, you can do better than that, and red means you’re being a sloth. Yeah, sometimes we have to be told what we are.

The Sport Edition deal means that you get a Polar Heart Rate Belt which is a comfy way to schlep the MyTrak around everywhere. Otherwise, the slim, palm-sized MyTrak can slip right into your pocket.

The MyTrak Smart Coach-Sport Edition can be found on for $219.95 or on for $169.99.

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  1. My MyTrak is now red all the time. This morning after charging it ….it went from green to red and I can’t seem to get it move on …HELP!

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