Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800

Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800

Today is April 22, which means it is Earth Day. While most of us gadget geeks couldn’t give up our electronics for the day, it is still a good time to think about what we can do to be for environmentally friendly. Fortunately, one eco-friendly step we can do involves buying a new gadget (one of my favorite things to do), the Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800.

This innovative gadget does much more than protect your computer and other electronics from line noise and electrical surges. The Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800 actually helps you conserve energy by cutting the power to devices that aren’t being used.

Monster GreenPower Digital MDP 800

How the Monster Digital PowerCenter MDP800 prevents energy waste is really quite simple. You plug your computer into the GreenPower Control outlet and your peripherals (such as your monitor, printer, scanner, etc.) into the Monster Green Power outlets. It automatically detects when your computer goes to sleep or is shutdown, and then it switches off the outlets used by the peripherals, preventing them from wasting electricity just sitting there doing nothing. When the computer is turned back on, the peripherals are automatically powered up again.

Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800

  • Monster GreenPower stops standby mode energy waste and saves money
  • Exclusive PC Clean Power Stage 1 filtering rejects noise and interference
  • Advanced Dual Mode Plus surge protection with automatic disconnect and audible alarm
  • 3140 Joule rating provides a high level of surge protection
  • 8 surge protected, color-coded AC power outlets

Fortunately, doing the eco-friendly thing doesn’t have to be expensive. The Monster GreenPower Digital PowerCenter MDP 800 is currently available for only $33.99 with free shipping at, a savings of 71% off the list price of $119.95. Remember, it save energy, reducing your electric bill, so it can end up paying for itself over time.

It is also available for $51.27 with free shipping at

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