Mickey in a Mouse

Mickey in a Mouse

Look, they’ve locked the big-eared Disney character inside a computer mouse. Luckily they didn’t throw away the key.

The USB powered Mickey Mouse Mouse can be opened at the back. Inside you’ll find the removable Mickey Mouse. There are also some LED lights and a lens to give the mini figurine a nice look.

No word on pricing.

Mickey Mouse Mouse

(Update: Links removed from this article because the page is gone.)


  1. i rEaLy LoVe wALt dISNey oF CoURse mICKey MOuse..

    cAN yOU TeLL Me,, wHere i can get mICKey mOUse,,mOUse..??


  2. i just love this so MUCH!!!..me and my peeps wanna buy this but juz dun knOW where they sell it!..CAN ANYONE TELL US WHERE TO BUY THIS??!!..AUNTY2!

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