Metal Core Door Sticker Decals

Metal Core Door Sticker Decals
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Outside the world of video games, your life might be kind of boring, but you can add a little video game style excitement to your reality with the Metal Core Door Sticker Decals.

When you play games like Half Life, Halo, Portal, or BioShock, you open a lot of doors, and there’s a surge of anticipation that shoots through you because you never know what’s waiting on the other side. Experience that same thrill in real life with a door sticker decal that will have you thinking you slipped into a video game, with aliens, zombies, or the empty void of space just waiting for you to turn that doorknob.

Choose From 4 Realistic Sci-Fi Designs:

  • Airlock – A space airlock that could be found on any space station or spaceship.
  • Armory – A hidden weapons arsenal stocked with state of the art fire power.
  • Freight Elevator – A futuristic elevator that found on any deep space mining faculty or transport cruiser.
  • Lab Door – Themed secret government laboratory door where everything from advanced weapons technology to hybrid genetic testing goes on.

The decals, which measure 32″ x 80″, are made of vinyl and low-tack adhesive, allowing for easy mounting and remounting

Make your doors exciting with the Metal Core Door Sticker Decals. They will be available August 2013, but can be pre-ordered now for $59.95 at

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