Madame de Ackbar Art Print

Madame de Ackbar Art Print

Trust me, you do NOT want to know what Admiral Ackbar does when he’s not helping the Rebel Alliance, but the Madame de Ackbar Art Print will reveal his secret if you really want to know.

Yes, it’s true. The iconic Star Wars hero, known around the universe for wisely deducing that ‘It’s a trap,’ makes a little extra money by working as a model. In his defense, there’s not much pay – and no health insurance – when it comes to fighting the Empire.

The 12″ x 16″ print offers a decidedly different look at the Admiral, with the Millennium Falcon soaring through the background as they come to pick up the Admiral for yet another heroic battle. As smugglers, Han and Chewie are great at keeping secrets.

You know you want it. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s one-of-a-kind. Get the Madame de Ackbar Art Print for $200 at NerdScapes’ Etsy store.

(via The MarySue)

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