iPhone Case by Oakley

Oakley iPhone Case

Oakley’s iPhone case is made of lightweight molded Unobtanium and will give a good protection to your phone with its durable sure-grip design.

The side has an open face for the screen, and the case geometry gives you full access to cord connections and controls. If you’re ready to go mobile with some style, this is the case you’ve been looking for.


  • Lightweight molded Unobtainium rubber
  • Open face for full view and access to touch screen
  • Sits on its side to let you view video
  • Offers convenient access to controls and cord jacks

The Oakley iPhone Case is available from oakley.com for $30.

Update: They have a new version of the Oakley Unobtainium Case for iPhone 4. Also check out the Oakley O-Matter Case for iPhone 4.


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