Hydra Book Light

Hydra Book Light

Book lights are wonderful things. After all, why light up an entire room just to read a book? Just clip the light onto the book, spend some time fiddling with the light to get it aimed just right, and then… you flip the page and have to adjust the light all over again. The Hydra Book Light takes the hassle out of reading in the dark.

The innovative Hydra has two lights for each page. Bright LED bulbs attached to a flexible 5-inch-long neck that illuminates both pages at once with cool, distortion-free light. A 3-inch clip tucks into the spine of either a hardcover or paperback to provide a solid base, regardless of whether you’re sitting up or lying down.

Two lights are better than one so get the Hydra Book Light from BasBleu for $15.00.

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  1. Do you have a small USB rechargeable reading light on clip ? Which include 3 lighting color (cold white , warm white ,and Day white ).. pls let me know . Thanks Wally

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