Hatching Unicorn Candle

Hatching Unicorn Candle

Remember those awesome Hatching Dragon Candles from a couple years back? Now they also have these new Hatching Unicorn Candles, which are perfect for fans of these even cuter legendary creatures.

They start as cute rainbow speckled egg-shaped candles. As you burn the candle, the wax slowly melts away revealing an incredibly cute baby ceramic unicorn. (Horses don’t hatch from eggs, but maybe unicorns do.)

“Uuuh but Firebox, unicorns don’t lay eggs.”

What you’ve done there is confuse a unicorn with a horse. Totally different creature. Unicorns can lay eggs, heal the sick, fart glitter – all sorts of cool stuff.

Still not convinced? Just light up the Hatching Unicorn Candle and watch in wonder as a baby ceramic unicorn slowly begins to emerge from the melting rainbow-coloured wax.

  • Melt down this speckled unicorn egg to reveal a baby unicorn
  • Hatch and nurture your own magical ceramic ornament
  • Multi-coloured rainbow wax melts out from within
  • Actual proof that unicorns reproduce by laying eggs

Buy the Hatching Unicorn Candle exclusively from Firebox where it costs £29.99 (~$38). However, right now (as of January 4, 2019) it is on sale for half price, making it just £14.99 (~$19).

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