Frankenstein Grooming Wrench T-Shirt

Frankenstein Grooming Wrench TShirt

What does the Frankenstein monster do when preparing for a date? He gets screwed… or at least that’s what the Frankenstein Grooming Wrench T-Shirt seems to suggest as we peek in on ol’ blockhead as he uses a wrench to make sure everything is nice and tight.

When it comes to preparing for the day (or a hot date), Frankie has a pretty steep hill to climb. His literal flat-top doesn’t stand a chance at ever being fashionable and his green pallor gives him a slightly unhealthy look… which really isn’t too bad when you consider that he’s made of parts from dead bodies.

Fortunately, the classic Universal monster does have control over whether or not he loses his head so some one-on-one time with a tool box does allow him to take some matters into his own hands.

If you’re a fan of Universal’s classic horror fiends, Frankenstein’s monster, or just really enjoy good artwork that includes tools, you can probably hear the Frankenstein Grooming Wrench T-Shirt begging to be added to your wardrobe. It’s available for $21.88-$23.88 at

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