Foam LEDsabre Lightsaber

Foam Lightsabers

The Force will be with you when you wrap your hands around a Foam LEDsabre Lightsaber, but will you wield it for the forces of good or evil?

There’s no wise Jedi around to teach you how to build your own lightsaber, so it’s a good thing the fine folks at Calimacil took care of that for you. Their Kickstarter project still has a few days to go but since they’ve already blasted past their $38,259 goal like an X-Wing in pursuit of a TIE fighter, this is basically a done deal.

Depending on how in tune with the Force you want to get (meaning how much money you want to spend), there are a variety of blades to choose from, ranging from a basic no-lighting-effect, foam blade to an Advanced Plasma RGB capable of multiple colors at once.

Foam Lightsabers 1

There are also three different handles to choose from. If you go for the Master handle, you get all the cool sound effects that you’d expect from swinging a lightsaber, complete with a cool electroshock sound effect if you strike something and stay in contact with it.

Foam Lightsabers - handles

The Foam LEDsabre Lightsaber will be available February 2016 – May 2016 but it can be pre-ordered now starting from $99 at Calimacil’s Kickstarter page.

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