Dress For Dinner Napkin

Dress For Dinner Napkin

What’s the point in wearing a tie and dressing formally for dinner, when you’re probably going to be covering up a good part of your chest with the table napkin? The next time your mom nags you to change out of your plain shirt and overalls, just flash these Dress For Dinner Napkins at her and head on out the door.

The Dress For Dinner Napkin was a brainchild of Hector Serrano. They’re basically 3-ply square napkins printed with a true-to-size tie right smack in the middle. So when you tuck the napkin around your neck, it will look like you’ve still got your tie on.

Each pack contains twenty quality Dress For Dinner Napkins, which are available online from NPW for £2.95 ($5.)

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