Daredevil No. 500 Art Print


If Frank Miller had a shot at doing Daredevil, the Daredevil No. 500 Art Print probably gives a good idea about what kind of hero we’d get.

Created by artist Rafael Grampá, this 24″ x 36″ print gives us a different look at the Man Without Fear. There’s nothing sleek about this horned hero of Hell’s Kitchen. Dressed in his classic yellow costume, this is a Daredevil who put together an outfit from whatever he could find, and the boxing gloves are a very nice touch. Even his radar ability, usually conceived as neat and orderly circles, seems chaotic and haphazard, offering a view of a world on fire instead of a nice, orderly world where bad guys don’t go free. This is a Daredevil who will mess you up, and he won’t feel guilty about it afterwards.

The Daredevil No. 500 Art Print is available for $12.99 at Art.com.


    • See? That’s what happens when the fingers don’t cooperate with the brain. The brain thought ‘If Frank Miller had a shot at doing Daredevil like The Dark Knight Returns…,’ but the fingers obviously didn’t get the whole memo, and I didn’t catch it. Durp!

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