Monster in the Closet T-Shirt

Cookie Monster in the Closet T-Shirt

If you were a cookie, there would be one monster that would frighten you the most: Cookie Monster! Imagine trying to fall asleep in your little cookie bed as dark shadows creep across the floor. You hear rustling coming from the closet and fear that your worst nightmare is coming true. Slowly the door swings open and you make out a furry blue figure emerging from the darkness with big hungry eyes. You scream out, but no one hears.

This frightfully funny encounter is depicted in this awesome Monster in the Closet T-Shirt.

Cookie Monster in the Closet T-Shirt

Order the Monster in the Closet T-Shirt for $20 in either guys or girls fit at Interested in a free t-shirt from Threadless? Enter our Big Trouble in Little Japan Giveaway before 12:01 AM EST on June 6, 2012.

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