Circuit Board Mouse Pad

Circuit Board Mouse Pad

Here’s a fun and geeky (read: not very user-friendly) computer accessory for those who enjoyed the Circuit Board Cufflinks we covered earlier this month.

This mouse pad is made from “a genuine recycled circuit board”. Sounds good? Well – before you hit the ‘Buy’ button, you might want to read the last part:

Due to the nature of this product you may find that optical mice won’t work as well because of the reflective surface. We recommend that they are used with roller ball mice. Colours and designs may vary.

The Circuit Board Mouse Mat is available from Red5 for £8 (about $16).


  1. No matter what, that surface is gonna eat the Teflon pads on the mouse too.

    I’d steer clear entirely, sorry.
    I like the look, and I respect recycling, but that effect could be easily gotten with a print and wouldn’t place so many restrictions on the user and wear on the mouse.

    I mean really, what self-respecting geek that would appreciate this is still using a roller-ball mouse anyway?

    (If you are a self-respecting geek that would appreciate this and are still using a roller-ball mouse, please consider this your wake-up call.)

  2. Yeah, have to agree with strider. I bought one a while back because the idea was great, eco-friendly, cheap and it looked great, but the reality was not so good.

    The mouse gets worn on the circuit board really easily. The rollerball mouse and the optical both suffer.

    What they need is a small clear veneer over the top.

    Steer clear.

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