Car Compass

Car Compass

So you’re on a night around town, drinking it up, catching a movie, doing some shopping, and whatever it is that you enjoy doing on your nights out. You park your car, do your thing, and go back to the parking lot–and stop dead in your tracks: you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked your ride. Not only is this extremely frustrating, but it can also be embarrassing, especially if you’ve got company.

A neat solution to this is the Car Compass, although it’s still a concept for now. Basically, this nifty little gadget works just like a compass does, only instead of pointing out where north is, all the arrows lead to your car. Just press the middle button and it will slowly lead you to your car.

Car Locator Compass

Car Compass

Have you ever gotten lost at a parking lot? Car Compass is a smart device which shows the direction of your car intuitively, just like a compass indicating the direction. Push the central button and the light bar will turn to the direction of your car. You can now easily locate your car at a parking lot. This is smart life.

The Car Compass is a concept design by the AHHAPROJECT.

[via Yanko Design]

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