Biohazard SS Watch

Biohazard SS

One line in the feature description of this product says “one of the strangest watches in the world”. An odd place for those words, but it’s quite true.

The Biohazard SS Watch ($139) is using an advanced LCD color display to make it look like something taken out of a Sci Fi movie, where you read the time by counting the colored segments.

Press the button for scan mode; various panels & readouts animate as if probing the area for life forms. After a few seconds the results display the time. Skip the animation by a quick second push of the button.

At the top of the screen the Red & White DNA helix is made of 12 bars to indicate the hour. At the bottom of the watch display the Blue blocks indicate 5 minutes each, while the Green blocks represent 1 minute. There are also indicators for AM/PM and seconds. The Alien DNA % shows the Date, so 12.05% is December the 5th. During the animation sequence all the numbers rotate as they calculate the percentage of Alien DNA.

There is also a Biohazard SS leather band model.

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