Giant Zombie Flamingos

Giant Zombie Flamingos

These Giant Zombie Flamingos are not the pink flamingos of old, but a darker version that you should steer clear of. Decorate your lawn with these black, befanged flamingos on Halloween, or anytime you want to send a chill down someone’s spine. You can choose […]


Trainer Things T-Shirt

Two instantly recognizable goodies of geekdom get mashed together on the Trainer Things T-Shirt. Even people who have never played Pokemon or seen the cartoon probably recognize the red and white Pokeball, even if they’re not quite sure why they recognize it. Meanwhile, although it […]

The Raven A Pop-up Book

The Raven: A Pop-up Book

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe are going to enjoy this scary The Raven: A Pop-up Book. It is an illustrated pop-up interpretation of Poe’s “The Raven”. It is perfect for gothic, horror, or poetry lovers. You are going to marvel at the dark, beautiful pages […]

Simons Cat Card Game

Simon’s Cat Card Game

The Simon’s Cat Card Game is frantic feline fun for the whole family. You are a cat, so cat things. Just don’t get caught and blame everyone else. Players play cards to escape Simon’s attention. Get caught and you get Blame. If you get too […]


Batman Diving T-Shirt

Driven by vengeance, Bruce Wayne became the night, and eye-catching art on the Batman Diving T-Shirt. The Dark Knight has the Batmobile, Batpod, Batwing, and various other cool rides but there’s still nothing else as cool as Batman taking his cape in his fists and […]


Photon LP Converter

Dust off those old vinyl albums and breathe new life into them with the Photon LP Converter, and get a cool light show at the same time. Talk about being a master at multi-tasking, this geektastic goodie lets you listen to your vintage vinyl records, […]

AT-AT Sweater

Star Wars AT-AT Sweater

Keep cozy this winter with this warm AT-AT Sweater. This Imperial style sweater is for both men and women. Stay warm while showing your love of Star Wars. Perfect for any rebel on Hoth, or on Earth during winter. Star Wars AT-AT Sweater Officially-licensed Star […]


Star Trek: Beyond Fashion Dress

The U.S.S. Enterprise zooms into some serious fashion with the Star Trek: Beyond Fashion Dress. This 80% polyester / 20% lycra dress goes beyond fashion with Star Trek Beyond because this dress goes beyond one style, letting you choose from A-Line, Asymmetrical, and Bodycon styles. […]