Camera Lens Cufflinks

Camera enthusiasts who never leave their camera at home will want to get these Camera Lens Cufflinks on their cuffs. They make a statement that says, “Hey, I’m a photographer and these are my lenses”. They make an absolutely perfect gift for any photographer. And […]


Dalek Doctor Who Beanie

If you’re trying to exterminate this cold winter weather, throw on the Dalek Doctor Who Beanie. Designed to make your dome look like a Dalek, this beanie will help keep you warm with some serious Doctor Who style. This officially BBC licensed Dalek Beanie is […]


Lab Flask Shot Glass

The next time you pour a drink, drink up like a mad scientist and use this Lab Flask Shot Glass. It’s the perfect way for lab geeks to de-stress. This shot glass looks just like a mini lab flask, but instead of dangerous chemicals you […]


Atoms Express Modular Robotic Toys

Atoms Express Modular Toys are made for children and adults, to allow anyone to use these intelligent building blocks to create toys. Each of the blocks has a function, blue for sensors, green for action, and red for connectors. They will allow users to put […]


Indochino Nanotech Storm Suit

For a long time, there hasn’t been much innovation in business attire. Indochino is set to change this with their Nanotech Storm Suit, which was designed for all-weather wear. Its nanotechnological coating repels liquids, stains, resists odors and wrinkles. There’s a detachable Storm Flap that […]


hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

Whether you want to keep tabs on your belongings or your little ones, hipKey is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you won’t lose anything important ever again. The aluminum and plastic disks pair with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth Smart, alerting […]


Cthulhu in Love Perfume

An ancient evil has awakened and it brought with it a fragrant scent. This Cthulhu in Love Perfume is the essence of ancient evil and it makes a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. It smells of incense, spices, kelp, sea salt, mystery, and chocolates. Just […]


Replica Batmobile

There have been a lot of Batmobiles appearing on the big screen in the past few years, but none of them even come close to rivaling the classic style of the 60’s small screen version, and this Replica Batmobile can actually be yours. The classic […]


Binary Love Keyring

Celebrate your geek love in the language of binary with this Binary Love Keyring. Whether you are a math whiz or a robot, nothing says I love you like binary code. This Binary Love Keyring is made from brushed-pewter and has all of the ones […]


Glowa Boa LED Glow Scarf

Scarves are cool. They keep you warm. They allow you to adopt a jaunty air and believably look smarter than you actually are. They work as a great light source??? Yep! The Glowa Boa LED Glow Scarf is actually light that you can wear, whether […]