10 Beautiful Geek Cufflinks


Geeky cufflinks are fun, but not always of the best quality and design. Sometimes the DIY feeling shines through a little too much.

But it is possible to find them in good quality too. Cuff ‘N’ Collars offers a wide variety of beautiful cufflinks. Listed below are 10 favorites in the “geek genre”.

They are all priced at £9.99 (about $19 USD) a pair, except the “Climate Nav I” ones, which costs £16.49 (about $33 USD).

Test Card

Test Card – television with black and white test card on screen.

Gadget King

Gadget King – mobile phone.

Favourite Tunes

Favourite Tunes – personal music player.

Pressing Buttons

Pressing Buttons – insert and delete computer keys.

Office Help

Office Help – stapler and hold puncher.

Internet Boom

Internet Boom – WWW & Dot Com.

Climate Nav I

Climate Nav I – compass and Celsius thermometer.

Internet Surfer

Internet Surfer – the @ symbol in black.

Control Escape

Control Escape – Escape and Control computer keys.

Email Mania

Email Mania – the @ symbol in silver.

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  1. Hey! This article has been featured on a French magazine called “Micro Hebdo” (#516, in press shops tomorrow). Glad to see you here! 😉

  2. Wow these cuff links are very creative but at the same time very stylish. I know the inner geek in me really loves them.

  3. Nice!!, these would make a great gift for as an unusual pair of cufflinks, almost guaranteed that no-one else with have any like this.

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