Torch Flashlight – World’s Brightest Flashlight

Torch Worlds Brightest Flashlight

In some countries, a flashlight is called a torch (even the Waterproof LED Flashlight with Camcorder), but the Torch truly lives up to the name, because this flashlight is hot stuff. It is an extremely bright and powerful flashlight.

How bright is the Torch? It’s currently being tested by the Guinness World Records for the title of world’s brightest and most powerful light. It’s 4100 lumens of raw light power is 100 lumens brighter than the current record holder.

World's Brightest Flashlight

With light comes heat, and the Torch packs enough of both to burn plastic, light paper on fire, and even cook eggs and marshmallows. However, the military-grade aluminum casing and durable high-heat rated lens over the 100-watt halogen bulb insures that you’re not the one who gets burned.

Normally selling for $199.95, the Torch, along with the rechargeable battery and universal charger, can now be yours for $99.95 at Wicked Lasers.

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4 Responses to “Torch Flashlight – World’s Brightest Flashlight”

  1. I clicked on the torch web site for the $99 flashlight… Nope it’s $179

    • The post was written in March 2011 when they were offering a sale on it, as stated in the last sentence of the post…We’ll keep our eyes open for another good deal and let our readers know when we see it.

  2. There are much brighter flashlights nowadays. Olight X6 marauder is 5000 lumens.

    There are also HID flashlights like the FireFox FF4 which is over 6000 lumens and 65 watts

  3. Do these cause global warming?

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