Tokyoflash NI Watch

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Tokyoflash NI Watch

NI, a stylish watch made entirely from stainless steel with a polished finish, is the latest timepiece from the popular Japanese-based wrist wear importer Tokyoflash.

The slimline case and strap allow this timepiece to wrap comfortably around your wrist and the simple buckle closes neatly to complete the look.

The display moves across the face in a sweeping manner, with the time progressing in the same direction. A single touch of the upper button sends the lights into a sparkling animation before the time is displayed.

Tokyoflash NI Watch

Each LED on the lowest line indicates two hours, the line above indicates a single hour, a combination presenting the current hour. Groups of 10 minutes are presented on the centre line and single minutes on the upper two lines. The date can be read in a similar manner with second touch of the upper button. Subtle etched graphics on the face make reading the time easy.

Tokyoflash NI Watch

The Tokyoflash NI watch is available in three color variations; all blue LED, all white LED or red and green LED. The price has been set to $144 USD.

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  3. Love Tokyoflash! Smart design. Much better than other watches.

  4. I want to buy this WATCH how much and where to buy it. Please help me

  5. Tokyoflash always give everybody surprise.

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