The Attic – Retro Radio and iPod Speaker

Attic Radio Speaker

Here’s a cool way of adding a beautiful touch of retro to your modern day MP3 player life with a radio/speaker combo from UrbanOutfitters.

Attic can be used a standard AM/FM radio, or you can plug in your music player and use it as a speaker that is said to “produce the cleanest, most consistent sound of any radio on the market through the use of AroundSound(tm) technology, a design philosophy that eliminates “hot spots” in sound reproduction”.

The Attic radio’s “new-stalgic” look was inspired by both modern art -check out its gently rounded corners – and vintage radios – see the classic analog display and large knobs.

The wooden Attic Radio Speaker measures 7.5(W) x 5.25(H) x 5.75(D) inches and is available for ($98) at

Attic Radio Speaker


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4 Responses to “The Attic – Retro Radio and iPod Speaker”

  1. Hey there…

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen!How can we get some?

  2. Hi Andre, happy to hear you liked it. Simply follow the link included in the news above to purchase “The Attic – Retro Radio and iPod Speaker”.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. hello, I am from Romania, Bucharest , and I found very nice radio “the attic – retro radio”. How can I purchase it?
    my name is Marlen

    • There is a link to purchase it at the end of the post, but it doesn’t appear to be available any more. That isn’t a surprise since that post is from over 4 years ago. Try searching for other radios you may like.

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