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Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S

Some gadgets are fun to have simply because they exist. They’re a way for people to say they could do something differently, but this way is much more fun. Take the Robot Cleaner Auto Mee S for example. Could you just use a lint-free rag to clean your touchscreen? Of course you could, but [...]

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Squeaky Clean Screen Mouse

When people were chained to their desks way back in the dark ages and forced to use their computer in one location, the loyal and handy mouse was there to help with both work and entertainment. These days, the Squeaky Clean Screen Mouse can also help with your tablet use; just in a slightly different [...]

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The Wedge Seasonal Designs from Toddy Gear

Toddy Wedge Cell Phone Stands

Are you looking for a neat stocking stuffer that will see plenty of use? The Toddy Wedge Cell Phone Stands bring a unique seasonal touch to a soft stand for your iPhone 5 or other smartphone device. Available in your choice of Santa, Elf or the loveable Rudolph, the bean-bag like stand is perfect for [...]

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WipeCoin iPhone 4 Clean Case

WipeCoin iPhone Case

Touchscreen devices like your iPhone make life a whole lot easier. Typing, navigating, and performing other basic tasks was never easy, because all you have to do is tap or flick and you’re done. The downside, though, is the bevy of thumb marks and smudges that are left after a day’s work. I [...]

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