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The Matrix Pop Vinyl Figures

The Matrix Pop! Vinyl Figures

It doesn’t matter if you take the red pill or the blue pill because The Matrix Pop! Vinyl Figures let you join Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Agent Smith in their battle over cyberspace. No one can be told what the Matrix is but these Funko figures can be described with no problem at all. Each [...]

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Matrix Light Up LED T-Shirt

Halloween is past for this year, but the Matrix Light Up LED T-Shirt is something you can wear everyday. The Matrix movie has a huge following, and the Matrix digital code (aka “Green Rain”) is instantly recognizable. This electro-luminescent t-shirt captures this effect perfectly, and it even [...]

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Binary Angel T-Shirt

Binary Angel Ladies T-Shirt

Here is a stylish fitted ladies t-shirt that not only looks cool, but it has a hidden message in it for those of you that can read binary code.  The Binary Angel Ladies T-Shirt lets you flaunt your inner Matrix style and gives the opportunity to impress when you tell people that the back of [...]

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Yamaha LED Music Drawing Tool

This futuristic LED panel from Yamaha is called TENORI-ON and is designed by Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai. The company describes it as a “16×16 LED button matrix performance instrument with a stunning visual display”. [...]

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Black Dice Limited Edition Watches

Black Dice Industries, a “UK urban luxury, street wear watch brand”, has released two new watches in a limited edition of 250 copies each. The BD-018-04 and BD-004-04 are fitted with quality Miyota movements and comes with edition number etched on caseback and buckle. Features Dot matrix [...]

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LED Dot Matrix Display Watch

The great looking LED Dot Matrix Display Watch ($40) features a clean and easy to read display – which is not something you can take for granted these Tokyoflash-days. The time is displayed in large green numbers and you can choose either 12hr or 24hr format. [...]

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