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Side Effect: The Drinking Game

Are you and your (of age) friends sick of playing the same old drinking games? Well how about giving Side Effect: The Drinking Game a shot…or two Designed to turn a night of drinking into hours of fun, Side Effect puts an exciting spin on traditional drinking [...]

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Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set

A popular childhood game is all grown up these days, with the Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set bringing an alcohol-filled twist to the classic board game. If you loved playing Snakes and Ladders as a kid but feel like you’re much too mature for something like [...]

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Barbuzzo Spin-the-Shot

Spin-the-Shot Drinking Game

If you’re no good at beer pong, quarters, or chandeliers, you need a drinking game that doesn’t require any skill. With the Spin-the-Shot Drinking Game, things couldn’t be simpler. Just fill the shot glass, give it a spin, and whoever it points to has [...]

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