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Hoops, Basketball Drinking Game

Do you like Basketball? Are you a fan of drinking games? If you like both, this Hoops, Basketball Drinking Game is for you. This little Basketball Game is actually a drinking game. Just press the coordinated buttons to make a shot. The loser drinks a Shot for every score you make. So a good player [...]

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Ship Wrecked Drinking Game

The Ship Wrecked Drinking Game will be fun for everyone involved. This drinking game is based on the strategies of Battleship. You down shots and avoid being the first to have downed them all. You sank my liver! Unleash your battleships and destroy your opponent. The set includes all the shot glasses and [...]

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Side Effect: The Drinking Game

Are you and your (of age) friends sick of playing the same old drinking games? Well how about giving Side Effect: The Drinking Game a shot…or two Designed to turn a night of drinking into hours of fun, Side Effect puts an exciting spin on traditional drinking card games to ensure a fun filled night! [...]

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Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set

A popular childhood game is all grown up these days, with the Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set bringing an alcohol-filled twist to the classic board game. If you loved playing Snakes and Ladders as a kid but feel like you’re much too mature for something like that these days, the addition of shot [...]

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Barbuzzo Spin-the-Shot

Spin-the-Shot Drinking Game

If you’re no good at beer pong, quarters, or chandeliers, you need a drinking game that doesn’t require any skill. With the Spin-the-Shot Drinking Game, things couldn’t be simpler. Just fill the shot glass, give it a spin, and whoever it points to has to drink. This won’t save you [...]

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