Sushi Roll T-Shirt

Sushi Roll T-Shirt

Is sushi your favorite food? Announce it to the world when you wear this Sushi Roll T-Shirt that says, “That’s How I Roll.”

The shirt features some tuna maki rolls on front to tantalize everyone around you. Even people who hate sushi will at least laugh, chuckle or snarl at you. The understated parcel brown color of the shirt gives it a vintage look, and it also serves as a good backdrop for the black, red and white graphics. Maybe it comes pre-wrinkled as seen in the picture. Notice how the Os are depicted with an aerial view of the maki? Cleverness.

Wear the sushi shirt while frequenting your favorite sushi dive, and observe all the positive feedback you’ll get from the chefs. Wasssabi! Then, if you want to up your game, bring your own chopsticks out instead of using the throw away ones from the restaurant. Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks will do just fine.

The Sushi Roll T-Shirt is only $13.95 at GK World and runs from sizes S to XXL.

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  1. How do I buy it online? Where can I find this exact shirt?? HELP! its the perfect gift for my bf!

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