Stupid Toaster

Stupid Toaster

If the Darth Vader Toaster or Pop Art Toaster doesn’t quite put a smile or smirk on your face in the morning, perhaps the Stupid Toaster by David & Goliath will.

Stupid Toaster

  • 4 Image White Plastic Toaster Includes:
  • 4 stencil plates: Chicks Rule, Boys ‘r Smelly, I’m Toast, Drama Queen
  • Plate removal hook.
  • Offers morning and meal time humor

Most novelty toasters only give you one or two options as far as toast designs go, but this one gives you a whopping four! True, it caters more to the female crowd when it comes to the “Chicks Rule” and “Boys ‘r Smelly” designs, but the “I’m Toast” and “Drama Queen” designs are quite unisex.

The stupid white toaster is small for those who have limited counter space and toasts two slices at a time. The fact that it’s labeled and called “Stupid Toaster” is a comical feature that might just help you get through your Monday mornings.

Ideal for non-morning people or anytime meals, the Stupid Toaster can be found at for $29.99.

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  1. Oh my I so love this bread toaster. I should get this for hubby ^_^

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