Star Wars Yoda & Sith Lord License Plates

Star Wars Yoda & Sith Lord License Plates

You wear the clothes, you buy the toys, and you even read the books; so why not get the Star Wars Yoda & Sith Lord License Plates. Whether you are a Jedi on fighting side by side with Yoda and Ben, or a Sith Lord using the Darkside of the Force with Darth Vader, these license plates will give everyone on the road a taste of what they are up against.

Sure your Toyota Prius may only have a 100hp or so and the guy with the V8 has quadruple that, but it doesn’t matter since you got the Force on your side…Win the race, you will not; but power of the Force, you will have.

These Star Wars 12″ x 6″ tin license plates are perfect for fans and collectors alike. Yoda with lightsaber drawn is ready to strike down the evilest of foes and the Darth Vader, the Sith Lord, is always ready for a battle.

You can purchase the Star Wars Yoda & Sith Lord License Plates (Yoda with Lightsaber & Darth Vader) for $7.99 each at

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