Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones

It just got a bit easier for Star Wars fans who still haven’t been able to decide which side to join. You can now wear the imperial logo belt buckle around your waist and at the same time wear these new rebel pilot headphones on your head.

Styled in orange with easy to see Rebel insignias, these headphones don’t just make an aural statement, they make a visual one as well. They say, “I’m not putting up with Sith oppression anymore!” But seriously, the Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones look awesome and sound fantastic. Plus they fold up for easy storage.

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones


  • Really cool Rebel Pilot colors and insignia set these headphones apart from all others.
  • Standard 3.5mm audio jack to fit most MP3 players, etc.
  • 40mm stereo speakers.
  • Folds up for travel.
  • Cord Length: approx. 76 inches long.

The Star Wars Rebel Pilot Headphones are available from the ThinkGeek website for $29.99.

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