Star Wars Pewter LEGO Minifigures

Star Wars Pewter Bob Fett Minifigures

If you’re a Star Wars LEGO minifigure fan, you’ll appreciate the collectible Star Wars Pewter LEGO Minifigures. Made from pewter and hand cast in the designer’s workshop, these minifigures are replicas of some of the best characters from LEGO Star Wars.

The Boba Fett pewter figure (pictured) is based on the LEGO Star Wars series character and is fully posable, features 10 separate pieces and includes a weapon, a silver cape and one 2×4 LEGO Block made from pewter.

Star Wars Pewter LEGO Minifigures

These are made to order so please allow between 3 to 14 days for yours to be brought to life.

  • Also available: C3-P0, Darth Vader, Boba Fett (old version), Stormtrooper, IG-88
  • Features coming soon: Gold Plating, R2-D2, Tie Fighter pilot, Snowtrooper, Biker Scout

You can purchase the Star Wars Pewter LEGO Minifigures for $75 at

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