Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas

Star Trek Starfleet Command Badge

Only the best of the best are accepted into Starfleet and given the honor to wear the badge. With these Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas, you can wear exact uniform insignia replicas from the Star Trek XI movie to show your affiliate with Starfleet Command, Science, Engineering, or Medical Divisions.

These Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas are all metal and measure around 2 1/8 inches tall and 1 3/8 inches wide. They have two pins on the back, so they are ready to wear. You are one of the most talented and dedicated few: Welcome to the United Federation of Planets Peace Operations!

Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas

Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas:

  • Join up with Starfleet Command!
  • Expertly-crafted prop replica based on the 2009 Star Trek film!
  • Includes pin backs, so you can really wear them!

Star Trek Starfleet Badge Prop Replicas are available for $9.99 each at Entertainment Earth. They are available in four versions: Command, Science, Engineering, and Medical. Star Trek Store also has these for $12.99 each (Command, Science, Engineering, and Medical) or $49.99 for the complete Starfleet Division Badge Collector’s Set.

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