Star Trek Gold Phaser and Gold Communicator

Star Trek Gold Phaser and Gold Communicator Set

You can get ready to explore strange, new planets with the Star Trek Gold Phaser and Gold Communicator as you prepare for your imaginary adventure as a noble and brave member of Starfleet; just don’t wear a red shirt unless your name is Scotty.

This special limited edition package includes gold versions of the popular phaser and communicator made popular in the original Star Trek series, and these exclusive life-size replicas do more than just look cool. They also provide some awesome sound effects.

Along with beeping sounds, you can also listen to 9 different voice phrases on the communicator:

  • “Enterprise, this is Kirk.” (Captain Kirk)
  • “Spock here, Captain.” (Spock)
  • “Bridge here, Captain.”
  • “Transporter room ready to beam up.”
  • “Bridge, this is the captain.” (Captain Kirk)
  • “Enterprise to Mr. Spock.”
  • “Captain, shall I beam down an armed party?” (Spock, plays during call-back mode only)
  • “Scotty here, Captain.” (Scotty)
  • Entertainment Earth exclusive bonus phrase! “Your signal is very weak; can you turn up your gain?” (Spock)

Special functions include:

  • Cycle through all 9 phrases! To play all the sayings from Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura, just press and hold the button under the blue light for 3 seconds.
  • Be hailed by the Enterprise! Hold down the button under the red light for 5 seconds, and quickly close the communicator. A few seconds later, your communicator will start to beep and once you open it, Spock will ask if he can beam down an armed landing party.
  • Quick flip-open activation! A motor inside the communicator will start spinning and an activation sequence will play when you flip open the gold communicator lid.

The communicator doesn’t get all the cool functions though, because the phaser is also two weapons in one, with a smaller hand phaser that can be detached from the larger pistol-like body.

The Star Trek Gold Phaser and Gold Communicator is available for $84.99 at Entertainment Earth.

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