St. Patrick’s Day Vehicle Costume

Saint Patricks Day Vehicle Costume

We know that we have to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to thwart bad luck and pinching, but do our cars need to wear green in order not to get dinged on the holiday as well? It wouldn’t hurt to try. For good luck’s sake, you could outfit your car in the St. Patrick’s Day Vehicle Costume.

Two shamrocks blowing in the wind and a Leprechaun hat to deck out the grill. Your car need not be Irish to wear such pieces of flair. This costume is especially useful if you have the type of car everyone seems to have. It gets you noticed (hopefully not by the cops) and helps you find your ride easily in a crowded parking lot.

St. Patrick’s Day Vehicle Costume

  • Includes (2) Shamrocks and (1) St. Patrick’s hat
  • Easy installation on windows and front grill with no tools required
  • Weatherproof, made of fabric and plastic
  • Should not be used if vehicle is equipped with window visors/deflectors
  • Not intended for highway use

If you happen to have a green car then you definitely need to get this set. The St. Patrick’s Day Vehicle Costume is only $11.72 at

And since most cars are female, you could also feminize your luck-mobile with a pair of Car Eyelashes.

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  1. My family tried to do something similar when I graduated high school (although they added a bunch of window clings and stuff with things like these) but I didn’t even start my car before I had them all off and thrown in the trash. I find driving with stuff like that on my car to be tacky and dangerous.

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