Soundfreaq Sound Platform Bluetooth Music Streaming

Soundfreaq Sound Platform

There are many music docks out there, but few that can match the quality and beauty of the Soundfreaq Sound Platform. Even better, you don’t have to plug your iPod or iPhone into it to listen to music, because it supports streaming audio wirelessly using Bluetooth. With the Sound Freaq you aren’t limited to just the iPhone and iPod, as you can play music from an iPad, laptop computer, Smartphone, MP3 player, or the built-in FM radio tuner.

When you want a bullet proof vest, you turn to Kevlar. When engineers wanted to give the Soundfreaq Sound Platform powerful sound, they turned to Kevlar to reinforce the speaker drivers. The result is of this custom engineering is a signature sound profile crafted for natural bass response, full stereo separation, vocal clarity, and a a crystal clear audio experience that brings music to life.

The cool modern design of the Soundfreaq Sound Platform is sleek and contemporary. It exudes quality and sophistication through the caliber of the controls and display. Although it has a remote control, you don’t have to worry about clutter because it has a storage compartment.

Sound Freaq Music Platform

With the Universal 30 Pin connector, you can dock any model of Apple iPhone or iPod. It also has an AUX input jack if you’re a non-Apple person. However, most people will want to use Bluetooth pairing to seamlessly stream music wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, PC, or Mac computer.

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform is available for $199.99 at It is also available to pre-order for £199.99 at

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