Smiley USB Mini Fan

If you think Mr. Construction looks too sad and Mr. @ is too evil, maybe this colorful and happy fellow is better suited to add a fresh breath of air to your workspace.


  • Cute Cartoon Figure
  • Perdue and Foldable Fan
  • Powderful Motor
  • Using USB Powered Cable
  • Using 2 x AAA Batteries (Optional)
  • Dimension: 72mm x 53mm x 85mm

Smiley USB Mini Fan

The Q Fan, as it’s named, is available in four different colors: green, red, orange and blue. The product can be purchased from the website for $5.99.

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3 Responses to “Smiley USB Mini Fan”

  1. This is useful especially when there is no AC!

  2. pretty cute. it would be very practical since it can be powered by USB or 2 x AAA Batteries. but it would be better if it comes with other functions,like some gadget fans…

  3. Yes, we have covered quite many of those multi-function fans as well.

    Thanks for stopping by folks!

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