Shrek Baby Beanie

Shrek Baby Beanie

Babies and little kids can sometimes act like little ogres. They can look like innocent angels on the outside, but once you turn your back, they’re either getting ready to do some mischief or are in the middle of a little prank. So why not dress them up right and crown them with a beanie that’s fit for an ogre: the Shrek Baby Beanie.

Of course, not all kids are like that. But they can still look like a little green ogre with this hand-knit beanie that drew inspiration from the hit animated movie, Shrek.

Shrek Baby Beanie

This is a hand knitted baby hat in green 100% wool.
This is my original hat design, inspired by the Shrek movies.

Size: 9 to 12 months.
Contact me if you are after other sizes.

I would totally get this for my kid because it looks so darned adorable. (But as it turns out, I am still, currently and by choice, childless, being unmarried and all.) If you’ve got a tot or two in mind that would look oh-so-adorable in the Shrek Baby Beanie, just head on over to Etsy to purchase one at $24 each.

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  1. would you mind just giving me the pattern to do just the ears?

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