R/C Vampire Bat with Glowing Eyes

BladeRunner iVAMP

This radio controlled creature would definitely have made it into the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list if it would have been around at the time of the writing.

The Vamp differs from most other flying toys because it’s an ‘Ornithopter’ – which means it flaps its wings to fly through the air – just like a real bat.

The scary little creature is 10 inches long and flies around with glowing red eyes and a wingspan of 12 inches. 20-30 minutes of charging will give you about 10 minutes of flight time.

The BladeRunner iVAMP is priced at £34.99 (about $72 USD), but is unfortunately out of stock over at Thumbs Up UK at the moment.

Here’s a video demonstration of the radio controlled vampire bat:

(Tech Digest via TFTS)

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8 Responses to “R/C Vampire Bat with Glowing Eyes”

  1. A variation of this is at radioshack for 39.99 dollars. I work there and demo it all the time very fun.

  2. Thanks a lot for the info Pat!

  3. i you live in the uk(contant wind and bad wheather)i would get the silverlit i-bird instead beacuse it works indoors

  4. And I must say that I think the iBird is even cooler anyway. 🙂

  5. hi
    i am from iran and i want to buy your fllaping wing model. how can i do it.

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