Popblaster – Portable MP3 Speaker


This portable MP3 speaker is described as the “perfect travel companion for you road warriors or any one with limited space and a need to listen to their tunes without headphones”. But is it really the perfect travel companion, considering the size of the thing?


The Popblaster has built-in stereo speakers. The pocket for your MP3 player is accessible from the outside via a magnetic flap that allows easy access to the controls, yet protects it from the element. With plenty of space for all your cables, connectors and chargers there’s no need to go looking for them when you are trying to catch that plane.


  • Connects with headphone jack to any portable audio device
  • Interior pocket for MP3 player
  • Battery operated (4 x AA)

The Popblaster costs $40 and is available in four different colors.


(Via geeksugar)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by at the site really appreciate it. BTW the box looks more like a women bag then a stereo speaker

  2. Very good. 😀

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