Pointer Cursor Home Design

Here are a couple of cool and useful ways to spice up your home with some geekiness without making it too obvious.

Pointer Side Table

Pointer Side Table ($109)

The ultra cool Pointer table allows for creativity and fun with decorating. Made of matte painted wood veneer, available in: black, orange or white. Features include the ability to be used at different angles. W: 15.5 x D: 15.5 x H: 15.5 in.

Here Hook

Here Hook ($12)

A witty and graphic way to let everyone know where to hang their coat. Designed by Richard Shed. Hanging hardware (2 screws and anchors) included. Designer: FRED, Cumberland, RI. Dimensions: 4 x 4 in.

Here Hook

(Pointer Side Table found via Cribcandy)

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